Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I promote b9host in social media?

    Yes - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all the other platforms are full of potential users. You only need to reach them out. Highlight the amazing deals we’re giving out and don’t forget to use hashtags for extra exposure.

    What technical skills do I need to become an Affiliate?

    You don’t need to have any technical skills in order to join our program. However, website management and web development knowledge would certainly help. Take a look at our step-by-step tutorials that will answer all the questions that you or your clients might have.

    Do I need a website to get started?

    A website or a YouTube channel are essential to get the best results with our Affiliate Program. After all, it is hard to sell website hosting when you are not using it yourself.

    Does b9host have a reseller program?

    At the moment, b9host only has a reseller program in India. However, you can check out our Affiliate Program which allows you to earn commission by selling our hosting packages!

    Does b9host have an affiliate program?

    Yes - You can join it for free and the application will only take a few minutes! Check it out and register HERE.

    How can I make money with b9host?

    Join b9host Affiliate Program and help us promote a trusted service loved by millions across the globe! The idea is that if a user redirected from your site buys a hosting package at Hostinger, you earn a piece of the profit! The more users you drive to our website, the more money you can make. As time goes on, and if we see that you are bringing us more and more users, the commissions can increase!

    What is affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing, where an external partner is paid a commission for delivering a specific result to an advertiser. It can be a sale, a new newsletter subscriber, a download of an app and etc.   Affiliate Marketing is based on revenue sharing model. A company that has a product and wants to sell more can offer a commission to promoters through an affiliate program. While affiliate marketers, even though they don´t have any products themselves, can promote products that they like and earn an income from it!   To put it simply: Affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission by promoting products of other people and companies.